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Monday, May 24, 2010


If you have watched the series finale of Lost, you were probibly thinking that they would tie up alot of loose ends... WELL YOU WERE WRONG! they acually GAVE more loose ends. Because Lost did not tie up the loose ends, I will try to tie up a few:

1. Q: When did the people die?
A: Some people said they died at the end of the Fifth Season when they blew up the bomb. (Video Below)

I'm a Christian, so here is my opinion - all the people were in heaven, heaven has no time, how do we know that they all died on the island? They could have died in the future, not on the island. it could have been a friend reunion type of thing in heaven.

2. Q: Why where there polar bears on the island?
A: Because Dharma did their tests on them

3. Q: What do the numbers mean?

A: The Numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 are a major recurring theme in Lost. They appear in the Valenzetti Equation and in the lives of several characters. It is likely that they have a greater, cosmological significance and appear to be related to individual people. Their exact meaning and influence is unknown.
In addition to being a large part of various storylines, they are often found (together or individually) as part of the everyday ambiance of a scene.

4. Q: Why Was Will Not In Heaven?
A: Do you want the real life reason or the Lost reason? Lost Reason: He is cursed to forever wisper on the island scaring the crap out of everyone.
Real Life Reason: He grew too much to be on the show anymore, including the finale.

Hope that answered some of your questions.

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